Real Estate Scams: How to Stay Safe When Buying a Home

Starting 2023 Signature Title experienced an attempted scam with a fraudulent buyer. Having an awareness of potential red flags our team was able to recognize warning signs and ultimately stop the transaction before it went any further. Fraudulent Sellers and Buyers are on the rise and awareness is key to keep your client safe.

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Fulfilling your clients’ needs and expectations as well as gaining their trust are the types of transactions you should be striving for, especially in a shifting market. Buyers and sellers are most likely experiencing understandable stress and anxiety, but you can help quell these stressors by offering your market expertise. However, it isn’t just regurgitating facts and numbers, it’s explaining to your clients how the market will affect them in their home sale or purchase. The topic of real estate is a frequent conversation piece among consumers and presents an opportunity for you to shine by taking what you know and applying it to each of your clients on an individual basis. This will not only solidify you as a well-informed, expert agent but will set expectations and develop trust.

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